"The Danish company Rubber Guard has developed a very interesting product, which in a short time has been a great joy and recognition in horse circles.

We all have had a horse with restless behavior in the box that has sometimes evolved into wall-kicking at the risk of hurting themselves as well as material.

Many things have been tried with little or no luck.

The so-called Kick-Stop kick plate which leads a minimal amount of power makes the horse stop this harmful habit in a way that does not conflict with animal welfare.

I have mounted the plate in two of my boxes at the training center in Gurre, Denmark, a week ago, and there has not been any "noise" since."

Kenneth Nielsen

Trot Trainer, Denmark


Carsten Otto Nagel, German show jumper, rider of the year 2009, has installed Kick-Stop in his stables and is very happy: "No more kicking and no more injuries from this misbehavior".

Christian Ahlman

German show jumper

uses the Kick-Stop

"Without Kick-Stop I had not been European champion"

Kristina Cook, Great Britain                                                                                                                        European champion 2009, military


"I am very happy to have the Kick-Stop plate installed, as my horse was injuring himself all the time by kicking in his stable, and I tried everything else to make him stop, but without success.

The Kick-Stop Plate made him stop kicking and now I have a quiet stable” and I can sleep at

night –    its brilliant."

Mail from a happy customer:

"I have a 5 year old Danish Warmblood mare which I am very fond of. She is super rideable and good walking and has a lovely temperament. She is always rather turned on, but at the same time easy-to-handle and always reasonable.


We live on a small estate and have built a nice outdoor stable.. My horses are on the fieLd in the winter from 7.15 on morning to approx. 16: 30 in the afternoon and more during the summer. There is plenty of space and grass. She is ridden every day and at least once a week in the woods. My horses will be further fed according to vet instructions, IE. among other things with plenty of hay. I think it is a good horse life and it is immensely pleasant but ....


In spite of all these good activities she began kicking on the door with one front leg. In beginning I gave her a little more hay or the like, which of course only has acted as positive reinforcement and the problem was bigger and bigger. I was worried about her legs and eventually found myself getingt up at 4 o'clock in the morning to give hay, so she not kick.

After some time she began limping - just a little. I was very worried but then saw your product at a horse show and it was just what I needed. The plate was purchased and installed, and I was very excited.

Now I have an incredibly calm horse in the stable, standing and looking out of the window for a long time without kicking on the door. She seems clearly more balanced in the box than she ever has done before.   

I will definitely recommend your product to others in similar situations. I can now even relax knowing that I have done everything to help my horse. From my window, I can now look out on a calm horse.     

Best regards

Gitte J."

The Kick Stop product arrived in the post    (not a large box) and I handed it straight over to my very practical husband, as I am not the best person to assemble anything that needs a screwdriver.

The rubber pad has a metal strip along the top which you     fit to wherever the horse kicks in the stable – Billy’s favourite place was    stable door in the middle.  There is then a connection into the pad which you can remove very easily and leave just the pad when it has done its desired job.

There is a small electric fence type energiser that provides the little zap and this is connected to the pad, and the energiser is earthed in the normal way. 

When it was installed, we didn’t connect it for a couple of days, so that Billy could get used to the pad in his stable (he is a bit wary of anything new!).  He continued to kick the door in the normal way.  We then turned the energiser on and when he went to kick next time he got a zap back.

I was concerned that it would frighten him and send him spinning around in the stable, but it didn’t.  He reacted and   wondered what had “stung” him, and then went to do it again, and again got a “zap”, this time he realised that it was the pad that was reprimanding him for this behaviour.  He was perfectly happy to   accept this and from then on has been so quiet.  He stood in the middle of his stable for a little while, but now is happy to come to the front of the stable and put his head over as normal.

Article in Absolute Horse, Summer 2011

STOP BANGING THAT DOOR !         Product review: Kick Stop

I was really interested to receive a product to test that proclaimed it could stop stable kicking in an instant..

Owning, the ideal candidate, Billy, a loveable, 24 year old, TB cross Gypsy trotting horse who has also been a habitual stable kicker for the last 12 years, I was keen to put it to the test.

Could it really teach an old horse a new trick??

I hasten to add, if he hadn’t been such a    fantastic ridden horse to us for so many years – perfect hunter, brilliant XC, careful showjumper, fabulous working hunter, amazing schoolmaster, and in later years turning his toes to side saddle and bringing even more silverware home, he probably would have been in the “small ads” years ago!

Although Billy never seemed to injure himself, it was a habit that actually caused me intense irritation and no doubt the other horses around him, as he would kick constantly at certain times – around feed time, turn out time, or even when bringing in from the field he would stand at the metal gate and bang that too!

I know he always likes to be centre of attention, but it was becoming just too much especially when he gate banged at 6 o’clock in the morning, wanting to come in, but also waking up our paying guests, staying in our barn accommodation!



Interestingly enough, he doesn’t even think to try banging the gate, although I haven’t put the pad there as the gate is metal (didn’t think that was a good idea), but he obviously now associates banging on     anything as a big “no, no”.  Standing a few feet away he just paws at the ground.  I am amazed at how quickly this pad, using    negative reinforcement, has resulted in him being happy to realise that banging and kicking is not acceptable.

The manufacturer’s main purpose for Kick Stop was for “protecting”   valuable competition horses from injuring their limbs whilst stabled, and this thought made me think more about Billy. Whilst I was never really worried about him damaging his limbs, I know do wonder whether the arthritis that he has in his knees could be attributed to him banging for so long. 

And yes… it really did teach an old horse a new trick!

Vicky Goodey