How to install the Kick-Stop plate

This product should only be used as prescribed


* The product is solely to be used in the stable

* It can only be used in indoor stables and travelling stables

* There can only be one horse in the stable

* We recommend that you only activate the plate under supervision (and only when the horse is expected to kick)

* The power can be turned off when the horse has activated the plate and shown the desired reaction

* Subsequently, the plate should remain hanging in the stable (without power)



* The plate should be mounted according to the enclosed user instruction/drawing

* Only use the enclosed approved power supply, "Energizer"

* The Energizer must be mounted outside the stable and preferably in a separate room (on a dry spot)

* Use the earth rod to ensure the correct impulse (poor earth = no impulse)




* in lorries, containers, etc.


* for tethered horses


* for mares with foals


* for horses who are ill or anaesthetized


* as a force towards the horse