A unique solution to the problem of horses kicking in their stable

Continuous kicking causes several problems:

  • injuries to the horse, especially the hooves and legs, but also to the shoulders and back
  • shoes are kicked off,
  • general stress in the stable.


The Kick-Stop plate solves this problem in a gentle but effective way


Kick-Stop is made of rubber


Measures: 58x58 cm. Is installed where the horse usually kicks.

Kick-Stop is unique in being energized without containing wires, and there is only a very weak pulse to achieve the desired effect.

The plate is developed in consultation with veterinarians .




a RubberGuard product

Revvlutionary Danish invention...


"..Growing from a young horse to a riding horse he had developed the bad habit of kicking in the box. No amount of hay, licks, several hours in the field or daily exercise could change this bad habit.

The kicking was so violent that his horse injured itself, so the veterinarian was a frequent guest in the stables ..."



"Without Kick-Stop I had not been European champion"

Kristina Cook, Great Britain European champion 2009, military


"I am very happy to have the Kick-Stop plate installed, as my horse was injuring himself all the time by kicking in his stable, and I tried everything else to make him stop ..."



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